Privacy Policy

Shake Sella is created and owned by Joshua Dowie. A monthly subscription is required to use Shake Sella.

Users must provide the following details in order to use Shake Sella:

1 First name

2 Surname

3 Email

4 Credit/debit card

5 Billing address

6 Business name

7 Profile picture

8 Business description

9 Reward(s)

10 Business location(s)

11 Secret Key

Items 1 - 5 are used for the purposes of billing the users and providing invoices for payments.

Items 1 - 5 are collected, but not stored, by the Shake Sella app and passed onto the 3rd party Stripe, Inc.

Shake Sella shares no other information with 3rd parties

Stripe, Inc. processes and stores items 1 - 5.

Items 6 - 10 are used so customers are aware of key information relating to the user's business.

Items 6 - 10 are potentially viewable by other users of Shake Sella and the partner app Shake Shopa.

Item 11 is used when a user requests to either delete their account or transfer it to another device.

When uploaded item 11 is securely transmitted and hashed then stored on the Shake Sella database.

Users have the right to request, edit and delete their data. To do so, a user can contact the email below.

Effective date: November 9th 2019

If you have any questions about the privacy policy please contact